Progress report meeting 2017

The SPP progress meeting 2017 will take place at Schloss Hohenkammer (North of Munich) from March 27th to March 29th 2017 (start at 1 pm, end at 1 pm).

Registration and Abstract submission is now open. March 1st 2017 is the deadline for both registration and abstract submission.

We would like to introduce the following changes in the program this year:

1. You can decide to present a poster and/or a talk
2. We will have a poster session, and preferentially each group presents a poster.
3. Talks (20 min + 5 min discussion) should fit into one of the following categories:

· Design Principles of Bacterial Phenotypic Heterogeneity
· Biological Significance of Bacterial Phenotypic Heterogeneity
· Evolution of Bacterial Phenotypic Heterogeneity
· Emerging Topics and Techniques in the Field of Phenotypic Heterogeneity

SPP1656 (all participants can present their work in a talk)
· Intestinal microbiota - a microbial ecosystem at the edge between immune homeostasis and inflammation

All PIs as well as the DFG-funded co-workers of the SPP are expected to participate. In this case board and lodging will be paid by the corresponding SPPs. Co-workers of your project, who are not paid by the DFG, should register as associated junior researchers and they have to pay a fee of 350 EURO.

Please find detailed information about the location and travel.

In case of any question, please contact